Lesson6 : [A : 動名詞とは?B : 動詞の目的語がa)動名詞 b)不定詞 c)両方可、は動詞によって異なる。C : 再帰代名詞]

Lesson6 : [A : 動名詞とは?B : 動詞の目的語がa)動名詞 b)不定詞 c)両方可、は動詞によって異なる。C : 再帰代名詞]

A : 動名詞とは?
B : 動詞の目的語がa)動名詞  b)不定詞   c)両方可、は動詞によって異なる。
C : 再帰代名詞

A : 動名詞とは「動詞のING形」の事です。

a) 主語になる動名詞  Reading books is important to me.
b) 補語になる動名詞 My father`s hobby is making model ships.
c) 動詞の目的語になる動名詞 My sister likes reading mysteries.
d )前置詞の目的語になる動名詞 The man walked away without saying a word.


 B :

a)動名詞を目的語にとる代表的な動詞  enjoy, finish, give up, mind,
He finished planting a cherry tree.
b)  不定詞を目的語にとる代表的な動詞 decide, hope, promise, want, wish
I want to reserve the tennis court.
c)  動名詞、不定詞、どちらも目的語にとる動詞  begin, start, like, love, hate
 She began crossing( to cross ) the river. 
d ) 動名詞、不定詞、では意味が異なる 動詞
I`ll never forget winning first prize.
Don`t forget to mail this letter.
remember,  forget, stop
私は優勝したことを決して忘れません。 ( 過去の事
この手紙を投函する事を忘れないで。    (未来の事

 C :
oneself=人称代名詞の所有格、目的格に, —self(selves)を付けた形。

Ted introduced himself at the party. テッドはパーテイーで自己紹介した。
 Help yourself to anything on the table. テーブルの物はご自由にどうぞ。
I myself started my career as a teacher. 私は私自身教師としてのキャリアをスタートさせた。
Mr.Brown is honesty itself. ブラウンさんは誠実そのものです。
We will talk with the doctor himself.  私達は医者本人と話すでしょう。

練習問題   動名詞、再帰代名詞に気を付けて、以下の日本文を英作しましょう。

1. 友達とカードゲームをする事は私の週末の楽しみです。
2. 彼の仕事はコンピュータを修理する事です。
3. 私はアイスホッケーの試合をテレビで見て楽しんだ。
4. 私の姉は本を読む事が好きです。
5. 私の兄は煙草をやめた。
6. 私の兄は煙草を吸うために止まった。
7. 寝る前にこの薬を飲みなさい。
8. 出かける時はドアに鍵をするのを忘れないで。
9. トムは交通事故に会った事を覚えていません。
10. またお目にかかれることを楽しみにしています。
11.  私の息子の世話をしていただけませんか?( mind  を使う )
12. 姉は独り言を言っていた。
13. どうぞお体をお大切にされてください。
14. 彼らは自分たちで家を塗った。
15. 彼女は鏡で自分の姿を見た。
16. 私は自分のためにこの本を取っておきます。

正解と解説 :

1. Playing cards with my friends is my weekend pleasure.
2. His job is fixing computers.
3. I enjoyed watching the ice hockey game on TV.
4. My sister likes reading( to read ) books.
5. My brother stopped smoking.
6. My brother stopped to smoke.
7. Take this medicine before going to bed.
8. Don`t forget to lock the door when you go out.
9. Tom doesn`t remember having a traffic accident.
10. I am looking forward to seeing you again.
11. Would you mind taking care of my son?
12. My sister was talking to herself.
13. Please take care of yourself.
14. They painted the house themselves.
15. She looked at herself in the mirror.
16. I`ll keep this book for myself.

テストに出るかも?  理解度確認問題


Mr.Ben : Yuko, do you like Natsume Soseki?
Yuko     : The Japanese writer? Well, yes, my hobby is①reading.
            But his Japanese is quite difficult.
Mr.Ben : Why?
Yuko     : It isn`t modern Japanese, so sometimes ②understanding it is hard.
            ④Have you read his books, Mr. Ben?
Mr.Ben : Yes, but I read ⑤them in English. ③Reading in Japanese is difficult for me!

①②③ 動名詞の使い方が同じものはどれとどれでしょうか?
④ 現在完了の使い方が同じものは以下の文のどれでしょうか?
    a. I have read the book.
    b. I have studied English for two years.
    c. I have been to Kyoto.
⑤ them は何を表していますか?
⑥ 次の質問に英語で答えましょう。
    a. Why is Soseki`s English difficult?
    b. Have you ever read Soseki`s book? If yes, what is the title?

正解と解説 :
① ②と③が主語の動名詞です。①は補語の働きの動名詞です。
④ c 経験を表す現在完了。a は完了、b は継続です。
⑤ his books  です。
⑥ a. Because his Japanese isn`t modern Japanese.
    b. Yes, I have. It is Bocchan. / No, I haven`t.

Ken`s ma : Ken,①do you remember to make this birthday card?
Ken      : Wow, yes! I made it ②when I was four years old.
Ken`s ma : ( ③ あなたは小さいとき絵が上手だったわ).You wanted be an artist.
            Are you still interested ( ⑤ ) drawing and painting?
Ken      : Yeah,⑥I still like drawing.
Mr.Ben   : I think you can be a very⑦success artist.

① 間違いがありますがどれでしょう?
② whenを使わないで「4歳の時」を表しましょう。
③ 英作しましょう。
④ 間違いがありますがどれでしょう?
⑤ 前置詞を入れましょう。
⑥ be 動詞を使って別の表現方法で書き換えましょう。
⑦ 適切な形に変えましょう。
⑧ 質問に英語で答えましょう。
    a. Did Ken make a birthday card?
    b. What does Ken like to do?

正解と解説 :
① 動名詞のmakingが正解です。「作った事を覚えてる?」過去の事を表す時はremember+ing
② at the age of four
③ You were good at drawing when you were little.
④ wanted to be が正解です。 want は不定詞のみ目的語に取ります。
⑤ in
⑥ I`m still fond of drawing
⑦ successful  形容詞に変えましょう。
⑧ a. Yes, he did.
    b. He likes to draw.


Patrick was ( ①  ) in 1979 in Canada. As a child, ②( of sports,  he was, playing, good, very
at, all kinds ). He had a dream of (③become ) a professional athlete. In winter he often enjoyed (④ play )ice hockey with his friends.
But a car accident changed his life. ⑤It was a serious accident. A driver drank too much alcohol,and his car ( ⑥ ) Patrick. The ( ⑦  )were terrible. Patrick`s doctor ( ⑧ )cut off both of his legs. Patrickwas only nine years old ( ⑨  )this accident happened. He could not play ice hockey or any other sports again.
Of course, the accident ( ⑩ ) little Patrick`s (  ⑪   ). But he didn`t want give up his dream.
Then in 1990 Patrick ( ⑫  ) wheelchair basketball. He (  ⑬  ) with the sport (  ⑭   ) he could use both his talent and his wheelchair. He (  ⑮   ) very hard. Soon, he ⑯became one of the best young wheelchair basketball player in Canada.

① ①⑥⑦⑧⑩⑫⑬⑮に入る適語を下の語群から選びましょう。
    practiced,  ran over,  came across,  injuries,  fell in love,  born,  had to,  hurt,
② 並び替えて意味の通る文章にしましょう。
③④ 正しい形に変えましょう。
⑤ 何を表すのでしょうか?英語で答えましょう。
⑨ 適当な接続詞を入れましょう。
⑪ 以下の単語に組み合わせで( )に入るのはどれでしょうか?
    a. hand and leg     b. head and body    c. body and mind
⑭ 適当な接続詞を入れましょう。
⑯ 間違いが一か所あります。どれでしょうか?
⑰ 以下の質問に英語で答えましょう。
    a. When and where was Patrick born?
    b. How old was Patrick when he met a car accident?
    c. Did Patrick have a dream of becoming a singer?
    d. When he met a car accident, did he give up his dream?

正解と解説 :
① ①born⑥ran over⑦injuries⑧had to⑩hurt⑫came across⑬fell in love⑮practiced
② he was very good at playing all kinds of sports
③④ ③becoming④playing
⑤ a car accident
⑨ when
⑪ c
⑭ because
⑯ basketball players S を忘れないように!
⑰ a. He was born in 1979 in Canada.
    b. He was nine years old.
    c. No, he didn`t. He had a dream of becoming a professional athlete.
    d. No, he didn`t.


knit, cartoon, solve, plastic model, perform, magic trick, postcard, hobby, quite, daily, exercise, pleasure,pastime, chat, teammate, fix, relax, perfect, ice hockey, plant, mystery, fight, against, clap, follow,ruler, without, mix, add, spoonful, make peace, give up, artist, yeah, be fond of~, successful, cross, smoke,reserve, prize, mail, hate, dribble, driver, coast, first thing in the morning, be tired of~, take care of~,Would you mind+ing?, feel like, face, myself, himself, portable, mirror, oneself, ourselves, yourselves, itself, themselves, career, journalist, honesty, make oneself at home, say to oneself, talk to oneself,by oneself, for oneself, hear—heard, wheelchair, ordinary, court, height, goal, wheel, take a look, free throw,win—won, medal, championship, tournament, athlete, serious, alcohol, injury, happen, body, talent, run over,
cut off, come across, gold, junior, award, achieve, success, level, proud, challenge, be proud of~,take on, polar bear, ice, lily, sunflower, strawberry, luck, how to, Good luck!


★ 動名詞の使い方
★ 再帰代名詞
★ 乗り物での行き方の尋ね方

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