Lesson7 : [名詞節の復習と名詞節の応用]

Lesson7 : [名詞節の復習と名詞節の応用]

Lesson7の学習ポイント 名詞節の復習と名詞節の応用①~⑤

Most people think. という文章と justice is important. を繋げると、
Most people think that justice is important. になります。
that は2文を繋げる接続詞、that 以下の文章は文全体の名詞節となります。

Do you know?  という文章と what time does the concert start? を繋げると、
Do you know what time the concert starts? 間接疑問文 になります。
疑問文が名詞節になる場合、S+V と語順が変わります。

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Do you think?  When did the accident happened? を繋げると、
When do you think the accident happened? あなたはいつ事故が起きたと思いますか?
疑問詞+do you think+S+V?となります。

Do you know? Is the train quicker than the bus? 繋げると、
Do you know if ( whether ) the train is quicker than the bus?
疑問詞のない疑問文を名詞節にする場合は、接続詞if, whether+S+V になります。

that 節以下の文章(真主語)が長い為itを形式主語に置く文章。
That you tell the truth is important. は It is important that you tell the truth.

真主語以下that 節ではないwhether が使われる文章。
Whether we win the game or not doesn`t matter. は
It doesn`t matter whether we win the game or not. になります。

that 節が[ glad , sorry ] 等感情を表す形容詞のあとに置かれる。
I`m glad ( that ) everything turned out well.  (that は省略される事あり)


1. 問題は誰がねこに鈴をつけるかでした。
2. 私の犬がどこでその骨を見つけたか謎です。
3. なぜディノザウルスが地球から消えたのかについて私は分からない。
4. 誰がノーベル物理学賞を取ると思いますか?
5. クリスは誕生日に何を欲しいと思いますか?
6. 彼の言う事を完全に信用できるか私は確かではない。
7. これは正しいスペルか教えていただけませんか?
8. 彼がそれを好きか否かは問題ではない。
9. 大切なことはあなたが最善をつくしたか否かです。
10. UFOは存在するのかしないのか。
11. 困った事に彼らはペットの世話をしない。
12. 電車事故で誰も亡くならなかった事は奇跡です。
13. 私の犬が母の足音で彼女を認識するのは驚きです。
14. 彼の普通ではない経験が、多分話の元になっていたのでしょう。
15. 私達がゲームに勝つか否かは問題ではない。
16. 長い間手紙を書かずすみません。

正解と解説 :

1. The problem was who would bell the cat. 時制の一致、  間接疑問文が文の補語(復習)
2. Where my dog found that dog is a mystery. 間接疑問文が文の主語 (復習)
3. I have no idea ( as to ) why dinosaurs disappeared from the earth.  間接疑問文が前置詞の目的語 (復習)
4. Who do you suppose will win the Nobel Prize in Physics?  応用①
5. What do you think Chris wants for his birthday?  
6. I`m not sure if ( whether ) I can completely trust what he says.  応用②
7. Could you tell me if ( whether ) this is the correct spelling ?  
8. Whether he likes it or not doesn`t matter. (It doesn`t matter whether ~~.)  
9. The important thing is whether or not you`ve done your best.  
10. I wonder ( if ) whether UFOs exist or not.  
11. The trouble is ( that ) they don`t take care of their pets.  補語になる名詞節を導くthatは省略可(復習)
12. It is a miracle that nobody was killed in the railway accident.  応用③
13. It surprises me that my dog recognizes my mother by her footsteps.  
14. It is likely that the story was based on his unusual experience.  
15. It doesn`t matter whether we win the game or not.  応用④
16. I`m sorry ( that ) I have not written to you for a long time.  応用⑤

テストに出るかも?  理解度確認問題

1.    以下の会話文2題を読んで指示に従いましょう。

Mr.Ben : How was your history class today, Yuko? ( ① どうだったか教えて。)
Yuko    : It was really hard. (②  so difficult, I , why, it`s , don`t know ), but
            ③I sometimes feel like I don`t understand something at all!
Mr.Ben : Really?  But why?  ( ④ 何が問題だと思う?)
Yuko    : I think it`s ( ⑤   ) the textbook has very difficult words.
            (⑥ what,  mean, does, I can`t,  some of them, even guess )!

1. 英作しましょう。
2. 並べ替えて意味の通る文章にしましょう。
3. 間違いが一か所あります。どれでしょうか?
4. 英作しましょう。
5. (  )に入る適語はどれでしょう?
    a.  that      b.  because     c.  when     d. which
6. 並べ替えて意味の通る文章にしましょう。

正解と解説 :
1. Tell me how it went.
2. I don`t know why it`s so difficult
3. somethingではなくてanything  (否定文の場合はsomeではなくてanyです)
4. What do you think is the problem?
5. b
6. I can`t even guess what some of them mean

Candy : This rain is ①amze.  (② 傘を持ってきてラッキー!)
Yuko   : ③The weather forecast said it will be cloudy with occasional rain.
            It`s good ( ④  ) I saw ⑤it and packed an umbrella.
            I didn`t really believe the ( ⑥気象予報士).
Candy : Well, we can`t swim , (⑦ 結局 )
Yuko   : No, ⑧I`m glad we came to this beach though,( ⑨にもかかわらず ) the weather.
            It looks beautiful even in the rain.

1. 正しい形に変えましょう。
2. 英作しましょう。
3. 間違いが一か所あります。どれでしょうか?
4. (   )に入る適語はどれでしょうか?
    a. because    b. when    c.  that     d.  how
5. itは何の事でしょう?英語で答えましょう。
6. 2語で表しましょう。
7. 1語で表しましょう。
8. この文章には接続詞 that  が省略されています。省略されないとしたらどこに入りますか?
9. 1語で表しましょう。
10. Answer the question in English.
      a. Did Candy and Yuko bring umbrellas?
      b. Where did Candy and Yuko go?
      c.  Were Yuko unhappy as it was raining ?

正解と解説 :
1. amazing  amaze は動詞です。補語にするために動名詞にしましょう。
2. It`s lucky that we have brought umbrellas
3. will ではなくwould  時制の一致
4. c
5. The weather forecast
6. The weather forecaster
7. after all
8. glad
9. despite
10. a. yes,they did
      b. They went to the beach.
      c. No,she wasn`t.

2.   以下の長文を読んで指示に従いましょう。

There are also animals ①that get almost no sleep at all. Many sea mammals sleep in a special way while they are in the water. Only half of their brain sleeps at one time, while the other half remains active. In this way, they can continue ②breath and move their muscles( ③ ) they do not drown. Seals do the same thing (④ ) they are in the water. They sleep for a very short time and come ⑤to the surface ⑥to breath several times per day. However,( ⑦ ) they are on land, seals sleep like other mammals.
In the case of fish, sleep is important but sometimes difficult. It is likely ( ⑧ ) many types of fish rest at certain times of the day, under logs or in the spaces between coral. However, scientists believe ⑨that sleep for fish is different (⑩) the sleep ⑪that other animals get. Some sharks must swim all the time ⑫to stay alive because they breathe by ⑬take in water through their mouths.⑭(sizes and colors, in many different ways. Just as, they also, come in all shapes, sleep, animals )But just like humans, their bodies need rest. It is clear ( ⑮ ) humans need lots of rest, too. But don`t sleep for ( ⑯コアラと同じ位何時間も )!

1. ①⑨⑪のthat 、使い方が同じものはどれとどれでしょう?
2. ②を適切な形に変えましょう。
3. ③「~のために 」という意味の接続詞2語を入れましょう。
4. ④⑦に入る適切な接続詞を文中から選びましょう。
5. ⑤⑥⑫のto,同じ使い方のものはどれとどれでしょう?
6. ⑧に入る適切な接続詞を入れましょう。
7. ⑩に入る前置詞は?
8. ⑬を適切な形に変えましょう。
9. ⑭意味の通る文章に並び替えましょう。
10. ⑮に入る適切な接続詞を入れましょう。
11. ⑯英作しましょう。
12. 以下の質問に英語で答えましょう。
      a. For what do seals come to the surface several times per day?
      b. Where do many types of fish rest ?
      c. Do we humans have to sleep for a long time like koalas?

正解と解説 :
1. ①と⑪は関係代名詞、⑨は接続詞
2. breathing and moving
3. so that
4. while
5. ⑥と⑫は目的の意味をもつ不定詞、⑤はcome to~前置詞
6. that
7. from
8. taking 前置詞の後ろは動名詞にします。
9. Just as animals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, they also sleep in many different ways.
10. that
11. as many hours as a koala does
12. a. To breathe.
      b. They do under logs or in the spaces between coral.
      c. No, we should not.


sweat shirt,  key ring, motorcycle, motorbike, toaster, oven, lamp, outlet, socket, dinosaur, bone, suppose, physics, beat around the bush, bell the cat, trust, quick, family name, king, depend on, behavior, acceptable,UFO, exist,  occasional, forecaster, despite, justice, properly, miracle, railway, examination, likely,unusual, footstep,
turn out, brain, pattern, koala, sloth, dolphin, widely, due to~, lifestyle, grass-eating,
per, chew, giraffe, shift, look out for~, require, awake, target, soft, digest, meat-eating,
in case of~,mammal, muscle, seal, certain, log, coral, shark, alive, at one time, take in, carelessly, cigarette, fire engine,nearby, single, blow-blew, dry up, bulb, electricity,
save on,


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